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Auto Start wampserver On Windows 10 Startup Automatically

How To Auto Start wampserver On Windows 10 Or Windows 8 Startup Automatically? And Show Tray Icon

Before i show you how to auto start wampserver i’ll talk about it a bit

Wampserver is one of the best stacks for web development in windows platform i prefer it than xampp because of the handy tray menu the let me access any configuration

you can download wampserver from their website wampserver

Recently I try installing wampserver  on windows 10 and installation goes well but there was something I found

When I try auto start wampserver on windows 10 startup I put the wampserver shortcut on this path

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

But I found that wampserver does not start with windows

I search the web for a solution for that problem and I found the following

First solution suggests put the wampserver shortcut on the above mentioned path and as I told you that does not auto start wampserver

Second solution suggests enabling the wampapache service and wampmysqld services from windows services and that actually work good

Go to control panel and type services on search text and hit it as shown

wampserver services
wampserver services

And select wampapache and set the startup type to automatic and do the same for wampmysqld and hit OK any time you reboot you machine you will notice that both apache any mysql works


so now I can  auto start wampserver and everything is good

BUT That solution does not show wampserver tray menu on the bottom


Most of wampserver users use it because of the fast access of everything from that tray menu like phpmyadmin and www folder and fast access to PHP, Mysql and apache configurations

So I discovered the solution and I’d like to share it with you

The Solution is to disable the UAC on windows in order to make the program auto start with windows

I go to windows control panel and select user account control settings and change it to never notify and that does not work also


The Solution

The solution is a bit tricky but super easy

Because what we have done to disable the UAC does not disable it completely and in order to disable UAC totally you have to disable it from the registry

Just type regedit on windows menu search and go to that node



auto start wampserver
auto start wampserver

You will find a key named EnableLUA set the value of it to zero and it will prompt you to restart the system

or you can save this text as .reg file and run it as administrator and it will do the same job



Keep in mind that disabling the UAC (User Access Control) is not a good idea you may harm the system but I suppose that you know what you are doing