yum update command

15+ examples for yum update command

Yum is a package manager used on Red Hat, CentOS, and other Linux distributions that use RPM Package Manager. Yum is used to install, update, delete, or otherwise manipulate the packages installed on these Linux systems. In this tutorial, we will cover the yum update command – what it is, how to use it, and […]

SSH port forwarding in Linux
Server Administration

SSH port forwarding (tunneling) in Linux

In this tutorial, we will cover SSH port forwarding in Linux. This is a function of the SSH utility that Linux administrators use to create encrypted and secure relays across different systems. You can use SSH port forwarding ( SSH tunneling) to create a secure connection between two or more systems. Applications can then use […]

improve website load speed
Web Development

Improve Website Load Speed (Tips & Tricks)

Experiencing Slow Website Load Speeds? Here Are Some Tips on Fixing This Problem. Making a great first impression on visitors to your website is a must. With all of the competition in the business world, having an appealing and functional website can help you stand out above the crowd. Studies show that 40 percent of […]

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