improve website load speed
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Improve Website Load Speed (Tips & Tricks)

Experiencing Slow Website Load Speeds? Here Are Some Tips on Fixing This Problem. Making a great first impression on visitors to your website is a must. With all of the competition in the business world, having an appealing and functional website can help you stand out above the crowd. Studies show that 40 percent of […]

process large files using PHP
Web Development

Process Large Files Using PHP

If you want to process large files using PHP, you may use some of the ordinary PHP functions like file_get_contents() or file() which has a limitation when working with very large files. Memory limitation These functions rely on the memory_limit setting in the php.ini file, you may increase the value but these functions still are […]

use non-Composer Laravel Package
Web Development

Install and Use Non-Composer Laravel Packages

If you want to use a package in Laravel, you simply add a single line in the composer.json file and the job is done. This is because the package is available in, what if the package that you want to use is a non-Composer Laravel package? May be available on a git repo or […]

laravel subdomain routing
Web Development

Create and Use Dynamic Laravel Subdomain Routing

Many websites give their users a custom subdomain for their profiles or pages, so the user can access his profile at, which is much better. In this post, we will see how to make dynamic Laravel subdomain routing efficiently.   Configure DNS To do this trick, you need to have access to the DNS […]

Prevent SQL injection
Web Development

Prevent SQL Injection

How to prevent SQL injection attacks? Before we talk about how to prevent SQL injection, we have to know the impact of SQL Injection attack, which is one of the most dangerous attacks on the web. The attacker can steal your data, or even worse, the whole web server can be taken from one SQL injection vulnerability. I wrote this […]

wamp server autostart
Web Development

AutoStart wampserver On Windows 10 Startup Automatically

Before I show you how to autostart the wampserver, I’ll talk about it a bit. Wampserver is one of the best stacks for web development on the Windows platform. I prefer it over xampp because of the handy tray menu that lets me access any configuration. You can download wampserver from this website wampserver The […]