better android app developer
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Your Guide to Becoming a Better Android App Developer

Did you realize that consumers spend nearly $86 billion on apps each year? If you are an app developer, finding a way to make your programs stand out from the competition should be your main goal. Failing to focus on making your apps functional and engaging can make it difficult to achieve the level of […]

fix packet loss
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How To Fix Packet Loss (Causes & Solutions)

In 2017, 24% of surveyed companies claimed that downtimes cost them between $301,000 and $400,000, according to the Statista website. In most cases, these situations of downtimes might have arisen from a simple issue that escalated into significant setbacks. Were these issues solved at an earlier stage, such businesses could be reporting smaller losses from […]

lab app stack
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Selecting An Appropriate “App Stack” For Your Lab

  Enabling Fullest Flourishment Of Study The purpose of a lab is to make discoveries that justify the costs involved in running the operation. There are going to be many expenses, but the kind of discoveries you make stand not just to benefit those who fund you, but mankind as a whole. Accordingly, the resources […]

improve your website search ranking
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How to improve your website search ranking in seven easy ways

A website’s performance on SERP is the primary reason why most website owners chase after SEO, especially because SEO is not a one-off solution. While you may rank high for a particular search term, the ranking may deteriorate for a different search term. In this tutorial, you will see how to improve your website search ranking […]

hard drive encryption
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Hard Drive Encryption

Hard drive encryption is a process of converting your readable data into something unreadable to protect it. With hard drive encryption, you will prevent unauthorized access to your data. There are two types of hard drive encryption: Software-based encryption Hardware-based encryption In this post, we will talk about software-based solutions. Most implementations of hard drive […]

clipboard actions managers
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Clipboard Actions Copy Paste in Windows

Viewing the clipboard actions ( copy-paste ) in Windows is a straightforward thing to achieve, but before we talk about how to do that, we need to know an essential thing about clipboard viewers. Clipboard managers are risky Some clipboard viewers send the copied data over the internet, not for evil purposes. Still, for the sake […]