Data security
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What Businesses Can Do to Improve Data Security

It seems like every day a different major company suffers a massive data breach. From Equifax to Capital One and the hacks in between, hackers are constantly after corporate data. However, most cyber-attacks don’t happen to these multi-billion dollar companies. Instead, hackers far more often target small businesses because they generally have very low-security standards, […]

server security
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The 8 biggest server security Blunders

With the costs of attacks rising all the time, data integrity isn’t an area to cut costs or lose focus. From the annoyance of resource wastage via crypto-mining to the existential threats posed by catastrophic data leaks, server security becomes a must – especially where servers are concerned. In this blog, we’ll look at seven […]

Website Maintenance Cost
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Website Maintenance Cost: How Much Should You Budget?

Website maintenance costs vary for different websites. If you operate a simple blog, you can expect to pay way less than Amazon to maintain your website. But how much should you budget for your website maintenance services? Before we answer that question, we will take you through a few reasons why website maintenance is absolutely […]

Free Data Recovery Software
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Free Data Recovery Software That’s Worth a Try

In this post, we will check one of the best free data recovery software. As a software company EaseUS, I have been using many practical tools over the years. I have come to recommend their data recovery software this time. You can rescue up to 2GB data, as for the paid professional version, no limitation […]

video games addiction
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How To Treat Your Child’s Video Game Addiction

Not so long ago, playing video games was a fun and exciting way to spend the evening. Kids were so thrilled to delve into the surreal and mind-blowing world of the game that they would run to their laptops once the lessons are finished. The excitement of video games has not vanished over the years. […]

Tech purchases
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How to Save Money On Tech Purchases

Whether you need a new smartphone, computer, tablet, or any other tech device—chances are whatever it is, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. Technology just isn’t cheap, simple as that. But in our digital age, tech has become a necessity in our day-to-day lives. The good news is, there are ways to help […]

security risks creating web page
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Possible Security Risks When Creating a New Web page

The number of websites on the web is increasing as we speak as anybody can create a simple website. Thanks to various simple CMS platforms, the entire process has become as easy as ever. The number of web designers is on the rise, as well. Together with the plethora of new websites, there are some […]

Creating App Trailer
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Simple Do’s and Don’ts When Creating an App Trailer

Creating an app trailer is essential both to acquire more exposure and increase the number of downloads. You can use it for marketing your app on social media and other platforms – and can enhance its listing on Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. If you want to create an effective app trailer, […]

Network Engineer Career
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Through Cisco CCNP certification to excellent career of network engineer

The value of IT certifications has always been high, as these credentials testify that you are competent and skillful enough to work in the field you’ve been hired, be it management, design, networking, security. In today’s rapidly developing tech world, where new technologies emerge constantly, specialists need to update their skills to show that they […]

Database design mistakes
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9 of the Most Common Mistakes in Database Design

As a database designer, when you work with a database project, you can expect to run into a couple of challenges during the design process and after the database deployment to production. Some of these problems are unavoidable and outside your control. However, you can trace a number of them back to the quality of […]