5 Things before developing an app
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Five Things You Must Consider Before ‘Developing an App’

Before you begin developing an app, it is worth taking the time to properly plan out your development cycle. From defining your intended feature set to load testing, the more work you do before you start coding, the quicker you will be able to progress through the actual development of your app. Below are five […]

Budget for Web Hosting
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How to Budget for Web Hosting

We’d all like to save money with shared hosting, but for some websites, VPS or even dedicated plans are unavoidable. If you do end up having to spring for a more advanced plan, it probably means your site is getting bigger and receiving more traffic – so the financial cost will be worth the rewards. […]

Protect your research papers
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Why You Should Protect Your Research Papers in Linux

Writing a research paper is a huge task in itself. When you think about how easy it is for other people to copy or plagiarize the paper you worked hard on, this should encourage you to learn how to protect your research papers and other documents on your Linux computer. To do this, you should […]

Linux system and VPN
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How to secure your internet activity with Linux system and VPN

Hackers can access, steal, and sell your online activity data as well as manipulate it if you don’t use the right system and tools. The level of protection you want will largely influence which tools and systems to use. With a Linux system and VPN, it becomes possible to hide your browsing tracks, personal information, […]

Anonymized Data
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Anonymized Data Is Not Anonymous

We have all more or less accepted that we are living in some kind of dime-store George Orwell novel where our every movement is tracked and recorded in some way. Everything we do today, especially if there’s any kind of gadget or electronics involved, generates data that is of interest to someone. That data is […]

Online Security
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Everything There Is To Know About Online Security

Online security is a major topic of discussion nowadays, with so many threats to your privacy (and even livelihood in some cases). Thanks to the ever-changing nature of technology, those dangers evolve right alongside it. So, while a truly “complete” guide isn’t achievable, we’ve done our best to cover all bases. Note that stuff like […]

Blockchain technology
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Important Facts Everyone Needs to Know About Blockchain technology

If you were to ask the general population what they know about blockchain technology, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that most of them either know nothing at all or can connect the blockchain to cryptocurrencies. They wouldn’t be wrong. Cryptocurrency is dependent upon blockchain technology, and it is the technology that has paved the […]

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Big Data and how to master it (Practical Guide)

With the rise of technology, digital information from people, businesses, and machines have increased exponentially over the decades. You can consider data is the petroleum of the 21st century. Organizations producing megabytes of data a few decades back are now producing petabytes of new data every hour—for example, more than 3.3 billion smartphone users in […]

Smart technology
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6 Smart Technology That You Should Have Known Better

Nowadays, it’s undeniable that we’re riding in the flow of technology revolution. The adaptability of Smart technology to gather information and respond accordingly made our lives very convenient is resulting in a proliferation of electronic devices. As a result, technology has become one of the factors in a market’s maturity. In fact, many are now […]