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6 Smart Technology That You Should Have Known Better

Nowadays, it’s undeniable that we’re riding in the flow of technology revolution. The adaptability of Smart technology to gather information and respond accordingly made our lives very convenient is resulting in a proliferation of electronic devices.

As a result, technology has become one of the factors in a market’s maturity. In fact, many are now investing in technological innovations.

If you’re looking for proof, here are six of the many smart technologies that are worthy of your attention.


Smart Salt Shaker

Are you sodium-conscious? Do you have to monitor your blood pressure level?

Then, you probably have one of those dinners when you talk to yourself: ‘Did I put too much salt on my steak or too less?

I wonder if there’s something that can directly help me through this process without me overthinking about it.’

I’ve got news for you. Recent engineers made that happen. They made a smart salt dispenser that can set to shake, pour, or pinch; it’s up to you.

You need to link it to your smartphone and install the company’s software.

Their software application keeps track and measures the amount of salt you’re taking every time you use the device. Hence, you can have the chance to monitor your blood pressure.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Android or iOS user because the device perfectly works for any device.

Listed here are the top functions of this smart salt shaker :

  • Dispense salt by the use of the connected app
  • Shake phone to shake tool, pinch phone screen to pour salt
  • Usable with or without a smartphone
  • Salt tracking
  • Runs on rechargeable batteries

 It’s a mere electronic salt dispenser. You’re not convinced.  I understand where you’re getting at. You have to consider that there are a couple of multifunctional products out there, which are way better than this device.

I guess I forget to tell you. The device also works as a Bluetooth speaker and multi-colored mood lighting. Plus, it’s pretty handy.

So if you’re hypertensive who wants to have a candlelight-with-jazzy-music-and-steak-like dinner at your rooftop, this smart salt dispenser can lend you a hand.


Smart Bluetooth Trackers

Whether you’ve got your hands full or you’re just forgetful, there are times when we tend to lose things. I bet you’ve experienced that time when you’re looking around for your phone only to realize that it’s just inside your back pocket.

Good thing, smart bluetooth trackers now exist. These devices are smart enough to keep an eye over your stuff and help you figure out where you’ve left your misplaced things. Stolen things can be retrieved by the help of these tools, as well.

Here are some of the typical functions and services that most Bluetooth trackers from various brands provide:

  • Look – cards (wallet) or keyring-sized gizmos (keychains)
  • Push notifications for lost things
  • Connection range – up to 60 meters (200 ft)
  • Range notifications
  • Associated with virtual lost-and-found communities
  • Compatible with almost all iOS and Android devices
  • Follow the location of lost stuff.

These trackers only function when you synch them wirelessly with your smartphones or other gadgets via Bluetooth. All brands of Bluetooth trackers require you to install their respective software applications before you can fully make use of the devices.


Smart Water Bottle

You can always hear from any health sources that every person needs to drink eight or more glasses of water every day. Some people, however, have no natural thirst drive, causing great risks in one’s body.

For instance, dehydrated people tend to be more stressed. This is because 85% of our brain tissue needs water.

Worse is that a dehydrated brain turns a person to be inefficient even in doing very simple tasks, which will greatly affect you at work or school. In general, if you don’t drink enough water, your body will not function well.

This issue made it through the market. Many companies, as well as scientific studies, age is one factor why lack of thirst recognition exists in some people.

Another aspect is people’s lifestyles. Studies have shown that we’re currently living in the busiest generation of all time. Probably, it’s true. Some of us cannot even remember to drink enough water.

As a result, a few companies, like Hidrate Spark, Trago, or BluFit, made money out of this dilemma. They invented this so-called smart water bottle. It’s another smart tool that would remind people to drink water.

These bottles can be operated through each company’s software application. Most of these apps would tell you your daily total water intake and how much you should drink in a day.

Other bottles even glow when you have or haven’t taken enough water.

Apart from reminding you to drink water, what should expect from a smart water bottle?

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fluid tracker
  • Built-in LED lighting system real-time display when you’re away from your phone (not all companies have this, though)
  • Tracking user adherence
  • Built-in USB charging ports
  • Easy to carry
  • Temperature sensors
  • Reminder sensors (vibration, sound, or light)
  • Closed/opened package sensor

What makes it smarter is that most smart bottles from different companies have personalized hydration daily goal features.

Its prescribed water intake adjusts depending on the user’s profile, such as the user’s age or goals like hydration needs for pregnancy or training. The current temperature is considered, too.

With this, there’s no excuse not to drink water again!


Smart Can

Thinking whether this device can throw the garbage for you like how other smart devices work? That would be a fantastic idea, but we’re not yet there.

However, this device takes the act of putting away rubbish to a whole new level.

You can upgrade your old-fashioned garbage bins into something technology-wise.

What you have to do first is to hang this small smart gadget on the side of your bins and install the device’s software application.

Another way is that the can itself is made smart so you don’t have to do anything.

You must expect that the tool will automatically scan items you throw in the can and add them to your grocery list on the app.

You have to scan the barcode of the item through the device software on your phone. Then, the gadget will make a shopping list for you.

There’s no need to rummage in your bins to find out whether a must-bought item is excluded from your shopping list.

This way would also save your time as you don’t need to make note-taking and wouldn’t miss something that may require you to go back to the grocery store again.

The following is what you can experience with a smart can:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Stock tracker
  • Easy one-button reorders
  • Proximity sensor which detects hands and opens the lids up to let users dispose of the things easily without having to touch the can
  • Voice activation

Another thing to know is that the gadget can also notify people, including you, your spouse, your child, your neighbor, or whoever you want. It’ll remind and send you with ‘empty garbage’ note as soon it recognizes that your bin is full.

Lastly, have I mentioned that there’s one smart can from one company that has an integrated vacuum inlet?

That means, whenever you’ll sweep pet hair, food crumbs, dust, or dirt into the can, it suck them up and automatically deposit them into the trash bag? Right, no more dustpans and further actions to do.


Smart Universal Home Remote

Gone are the days when you have to own different remote controls for various appliances or electronic devices. Imagine how you have to own one for your television, another for your speakers, and a few for each air conditioner you in your house.

Now, you can own a universal remote that you can use for every smart home device you have. I’m not talking about a universal remote for different brands of only one kind of appliance.

I’m referring to a smart, modern-day remote with a ‘point mode’ feature, which works to up to 650,000 compatible smart home devices.

Here’s what you can do or have with a smart universal home remote:

  • Control any installed home’s entertainment systems and smart home gadgets
  • Adaptable touch screen interface, meaning the remote adjusts its display and provide you with appropriate control options for whatever device you want to control
  • Automation schemes (one button can prompt lighting, audio, and video at once)
  • Control wireless connectivity, including infrared, Bluetooth, and WiFi `234
  • Compatible to 650,000 home appliances and electronic device
  • Control up to 80 devices (let me rephrase it, it’s 80 devices for one single remote!)

Plus, if you don’t want to exert a few clicks or swipes, then you can use your voice instead. Yes, this tool can be controlled through voice activation.

As you notice above, its access is almost limitless. Too bad; you still have to plug the devices now manually.


Smart Plug

You can remotely manage any electronics plugged in the wall on your phone with the use of smart plugs. Surprise! Sure, it looks like a simple power receptacle or adapter that allows you to switch on or off an appliance.

Only it becomes a nifty device once you connect it to your smart home platform.

The main feature that makes a smart plug ‘smart’ is that you can control smart home devices that are synced to it over your phone remotely. Here are a few smart plug’s functions:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Voice control options
  • Power optimization scheduling
  • Works as a multi-plug surge protector
  • For both indoor and outdoor use

Additionally, if you’re an energy-conscious person, you can rely on this device. This smart plug can also track your energy consumption and alarm you with power energy suckers—typically, the appliances that are on standby.


Now, for the imperfections

  1. Smart salt shakers are voice automated but can’t grind salt. Also, you have to do the pouring yourself, still. It doesn’t levitate and drop the salt itself onto your food. No, that would be too way magical, for now.
  2.  Smart Bluetooth trackers aren’t GPS devices. Hence, their proximity matters a lot. What’s more, they are ‘trackers.’ These tools keep an eye on your stuff but wouldn’t keep them secure. It must be to a whole new level when these tools can do karate and fight against those who took your valuable things away.
  3. Smart water bottles remind almost everything related to drinking water. The thing is you’re ‘required’ to charge the bottles so they would function. Meaning, you ‘should remember’ charging them so they can ‘remind’ you to drink water. So what’s the point of having these bottles to remind you if you can even remember ‘essentials’ like charging, in the first place.
  4. Smart cans suck up any debris, which offers a chance of not bending anymore because they said you don’t have to use dustpans. That might work for those who are still using dustpans, but they still have to bend over when sweeping, right? Also, it doesn’t make sense for those people who are using ‘vacuum’ cleaners, not to mention the robotic vacuum sweepers/cleaners.
  5. Smart universal home remote controls almost all the electronic gadgets in your house. The tendency is that its multifunctional convenience may lead to the complexity of the functions.  At the end of the day,  the user might need to spend a longer time to get the hang of it.
  6. Smart plug secures you from possible fire risks, but not from health risks. This doesn’t only apply to smart plugs, but in a smart home technology as a whole. Little did you know, settling in a high-tech place means living in an environment full of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. That means being susceptible to various killing diseases, such as cancer.



Don’t you see what these ‘smart devices’ bring to the table? Great! For those who don’t understand, nobody and nothing is perfect.

The world’s not perfect. The same goes for these smart devices listed above. While they brought convenience to everyone, they still have a fair share of drawbacks that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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