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What Businesses Can Do to Improve Data Security

It seems like every day a different major company suffers a massive data breach. From Equifax to Capital One and the hacks in between, hackers are constantly after corporate data.

However, most cyber-attacks don’t happen to these multi-billion dollar companies. Instead, hackers far more often target small businesses because they generally have very low-security standards, even with the existence of firewalls.

It doesn’t take many resources for a hacker to break into a small business and steal customer information and other sensitive information.

Security is critical for businesses of any size. That’s why we’ve put together this essential list of safety tools and strategies that every company needs to start using now.



Why Data Security is a Top Concern for Businesses

Data security is essential to every aspect of a company. All businesses have a wide array of sensitive information they need to protect.

This includes employee information, such as personal identification numbers and medical records, along with essential business files.

However, data security also extends to your customers as well. Once a customer gives over key information, such as their credit card details or even just purchases history, they entrust you with your data. If you fail to protect it, your reputation will take a major hit.

Even big companies with the resources to do damage control after attacks still suffer tremendously from these types of reputational aftershocks that occur after a data breach.

However, you can easily protect your business by implementing these strategies:


Protect Your Data with File Encryption Tools

Both your corporate and personal files contain all kinds of sensitive information.

It may be personnel records, company project information, or other types of key data. Moreover, files often contain different bits of information that hackers can use to break into networks and accounts.

File encryption services like NordLocker protect your files with the latest security technologies. These extremely rigorous technologies are among the best in the world.

Further, NordLocker provides additional safety features, including secure file sharing, so you have full end-to-end protection.


Secure Your Internet Connection with a VPN

The two primary targets of hackers are files and network connections.

Network connections are the gateway to your files. After you’ve secured your files with NordLocker, you can cut off the access route through a VPN.

A VPN or virtual private network encrypts your network connections preventing hackers from gaining access to your devices.

Moreover, VPNs further strengthen your defense by anonymizing your connection so, if in the extremely rare chance a hacker makes a breakthrough, they won’t be led back to your device.


Teach Your Employees Digital Hygiene Skills

Digital hygiene is the most important set of corporate digital practices. They involve educating all employees from the newest intern to the founder on how to prevent cyber-attacks.

This involves learning to recognize phishing scams and fraudulent accounts along with suspicious websites.

Moreover, it teaches employees how to respond to cyber-attacks, which is essential quickly. The longer a hacker penetrates your network, the more damage they can do.


Restrict Access Accordingly

It’s never been simpler to use built-in operating system tools that can allow you to easily control who has access to what than nowadays.

Access privileges should be set according to a person’s position in the company.

What’s more, you can create guest accounts with very limited features, such as internet and blocking downloads.

Finally, even higher-ups in a company don’t need access to certain files. For example, only IT admins should able to access core registry files because people—even senior staff—do make mistakes and can accidentally harm essential system components.


Use a Password Manager

You may be aware of the 10,000 most common passwords list. You can find it on the internet in a few clicks.

Hackers can generate code that runs all these passwords in just a few minutes. They even have listed up to the top 100,000 and 1,000,000. Thus, passwords need to be tough to break.

However, remembering them can be challenging.

Most security analysts now advise internet users to utilize password managers.

Instead of using the same or similar login credentials, password managers create highly complex passwords for all your accounts.

They are easy to use as well. Simply log in to your password manager app, and it will then log you into any of your other online accounts.

For added security, be sure to use additional features, including two-step verification or biometric security features.


Protect Your Company from Hackers with These Tips

A new hack occurs every 39 seconds. That means approximately 3-5 attacks have happened just while you were reading this article.

Thus, it’s essential that you not only protect your data but your reputation by following these digital security strategies. Take the crucial first step and encrypt your files with NordLocker.

Next, shut off the access point by protecting your internet connection with a VPN. Furthermore, follow good digital hygiene practices and make sure you restrict user access and respond to threats quickly.

Finally, harness the power of password managers, which creates extremely strong passwords across all your online accounts. Overall, cybersecurity is much less complicated than it may seem. It just takes following these easy steps.

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