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Best Linux distro that fits your needs

In this tutorial, we will check the best Linux distro that fits your needs. So if you are looking for the best looking, security, privacy, gaming or whatever, there a suitable Linux distro for you.

You may have tried a few of them, so what is the difference between them and which one of them is suitable for you, and what is the best Linux distro?

Well, that question needs you to explore some of them and see what those distros provide and Pros and Cons of every distro. It might be painful to try many distros and check everyone to see what is suitable for you.

That’s why I’ve gathered some information from the web about the most used and loved distros that you might use, hope you find the one that fits your needs.

Elementary OS: best looking

best Linux distro elementary-os

Elementary OS is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu Linux. It uses the Pantheon desktop environment which gives the distro the beautiful looking and lightweight on your PC.

So if you need the best looking, this is the best Linux distro for you.

Linux Mint: best distro for laptops

This distro is the best Linux distro for laptops and desktops.

Some people might say that they do not prefer it because of the desktop environment which is called Cinnamon, But it becomes more stable than ever and developers of that desktop spend a lot of time to make it better.

This distro is suitable for desktop computers since they need a good and easy graphical interface.

Tails: best distro for privacy

Tails considered No. 1 in privacy and security. It’s a Debian-based distribution that gives you privacy.

So if your privacy matters, this is the best Linux distro you should choose.

CentOS: Best distro for servers

CentOS is the most used distro for servers.

The famous and cool hosting control panel cPanel runs on CentOS and RedHat Linux.

So for Servers, CentOS is the best distro that you should choose.

Arch Linux: simplicity and customization

Arch Linux is one of the simplest Linux distros you can work with.

Experts categorize this distro as the most customizable Linux distro on the web, it has a rich documentation on their website which makes it the best one for geeks.

Lubuntu and Xubuntu: for old computers

If your hardware is a bit old then you might need something light that can run without problems.

For this sake, there is a lightweight desktop environment like LXDE and XFCE.

Lubuntu comes with LXDE and Xubuntu comes with XFCE and both are lightweight.

So if you have old hardware, these might be the best one that you should try.

Steam OS: best for gaming

Many gamers use Windows for gaming since it is hard to play games on Linux.

Until a Linux distro came out that enables gamers to play games on Linux. This distro is called SteamOS.

This distro is dedicated to gamers and games, so if you are a gamer this is the best one for you.

Qubes OS: best distro for security

Most experts recommend this distro because of its tight security.If you check their website, you will assure that.

One of the best features is web browsing with multiple identities. Also, the secure clipboard is a very good addition.

The idea is the good isolation environment.

There are some other awesome features you can check:

The world is changing every day, who knows what will be the best in the future? See you then.

Mokhtar Ebrahim

I'm working as a Linux system administrator since 2010. I'm responsible for maintaining, securing, and troubleshooting Linux servers for multiple clients around the world. I love writing shell and Python scripts to automate my work.

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